Make this delicious homemade tonic for stress with ingredients right from the kitchen. This recipe calls for tart cherry juice as cherries are naturally rich in melatonin, which helps the body relax. 



  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.

Why These Stress-Busting Ingredients Are Beneficial

Tart Cherry Juice 

According to research, drinking tart cherry juice before bed may improve both sleep duration and quality. For the tonic recipe, it's possible to add fresh or frozen cherries to the mix if they are on hand. These will give the tonic more texture and also help make it more filling by adding to it the fiber of the cherry fruits.

Coconut oil or ghee

Fat from coconut oil or ghee adds a creaminess to the texture and may also keep blood sugar levels stable.


Almonds could slow digestion and balance any sugar spike from the cherry juice. As a good source of magnesium, they may help with stress tolerance, promote relaxation and provide a path to sleep. Almonds also contain protein, making them ideal for a pre-bedtime snack. Using almond butter rather than ground almonds will give the tonic a creamier texture.

Brazil Nuts 

Selenium deficiency is common in people who are more prone to stress. Eating three Brazil nuts a day may help with this. Tossing the Brazil nuts into a tonic is an easy way to get this needed selenium.


Collagen helps rebuild damaged lining of the gut as well as helps with hair, skin and nails. High in protein, which helps stabilize blood sugar, it also works as a great thickener for this drink.


Known as a warming spice in Ayurvedic medicine, cinnamon may be able to help with anxiety. It adds to the flavor of the tonic, and research has shown that it may also help balance blood sugar. It can be replaced with nutmeg to taste.

All of these ingredients combine to make a tonic that tastes good and that also may help with calming nerves and increasing the stability of blood sugar levels. If one has had a stressful day and just wants to wind down after work, this tonic can be refreshing as well as relaxing and calming.