Standard skincare methods tend to run into some problems in warmer weather. Transitioning to products that focus on gentle cleansing, UV protection, hydration and matte textures may create a more reliable skincare routine.

Understand How Warm Weather Affects the Skin

To start planning a skincare routine for warm climates it is necessary to understand how hotter weather actually affects the skin. During warmer months people often find that their skin is oilier and more prone to pimples and discoloration. These things can be due to increased blood flow in the body as it tries to cool off. More sweat and oil may also be overproduced in warm weather to protect the skin and reduce overall heat.

Another major influence is the sun itself. Hotter temperatures are caused by longer days, meaning more exposure to potentially damaging sun rays. Though sunlight may produce a little helpful vitamin D, it might greatly damage skin cells, resulting in rougher, discolored skin.

How to Make the Transition to a Warm Weather Routine

Keep in mind that abruptly changing up a skincare routine may actually result in more problems such as acne or inflammation. It is important to only add in or remove about one product a week so that the skin has plenty of time to adjust.

Another important thing to consider before settling on any routine is that every face is different. There is no set number of products that will work for everyone. Instead of trying to find an all-in-one beauty product, it is better to pick multiple individual products that address a person's particular needs. Here are some beauty products that often help fix common warm weather woes.

1. Keep Warm Temperatures From Causing Shiny Skin

Often warmer weather can result in more perspiration and oil production on the face. There are several different ways to combat this issue. For people with oilier skin, it may be beneficial to look for gentle face bar soaps that were formulated to remove excess oil. It is a good idea to move away from heavier creams commonly used in winter and instead, use something lighter, such as jojoba oil, that provides a less greasy form of hydration.

To fight shine all day, consider topping makeup with a dusting of loose mineral powder. Natural mineral powders soak up oil before it starts to shine. This helps keep the face looking smooth and even all day. When out and about and one’s facial skin is still looking shiny, a mattifying face wipe is a good option. Look for products with witch hazel and other ingredients that gently lift away oil to restore a matte finish to the face.

2. Prevent Pimples With Oil-Controlling Products

Because the body produces more skin oils in warmer weather, there is a higher risk of skin breaking out. People may want to try a cleansing oil made from non-comedogenic oils like argan or jojoba. This style of cleanser is gentler than a basic soap, but it does not clog pores. Instead, the oil from the cleanser bonds with the oils of the face and lifts them off.

For even more pimple prevention, look for toners with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients like tea tree oil, witch hazel and honey. These go on between using a face soap and moisturizer, and they help provide extra cleansing for the skin. To address any current outbreaks, try using a pimple-soothing product that contains salicylic acid or other natural pimple treatments.

3. Hydrate to Protect From Air Conditioning

Though oiliness and sweating are two of the biggest dangers during warm months, cold may actually still be a problem. This is the time when many businesses turn on their air conditioners. These AC units strip moisture from the air, and leading to potential problems with skin dehydration. Invest in an effective body butter that may help keep knees and elbows from turning dry and ashy due to a dry environment. To manage dry and peeling lips, be sure to pick up a soothing lip balm made with beeswax and other moisturizing ingredients.

4. Use a Routine That Protects From UV Rays

Since hotter months are associated with higher levels of UV exposure, it is very important to think about sun protection. Sunburns aren't the only problems. Even small amounts of sun exposure may damage skin cells, gradually reducing collagen levels and slowing down the production of new cells. A lot of the problems with roughened, wrinkled and discolored skin that people deal with during the warmer months are just from the sun itself.

For protecting arms and legs by the pool, get a solid organic sunscreen made from zinc oxide. However, protecting the face is a little more challenging since it is necessary to find a sunscreen that will not clog pores. Zinc oxide is still a good way of protecting the skin. However, people may want to find products with red raspberry seed oil, shea butter and aloe to boost skin health.

5. Exfoliate to Prevent Dull Skin During Warm Weather

It is important to remember to exfoliate in hotter climates. This removes any dried-out or sun-damaged skin so that the healthy cells underneath are visible. Products with extracts of papaya, pumpkin or algae contain enzymes that help gently lift off dead skin. There are also mechanical exfoliants that use sugar, oats or other organic products to scrub away at any skin that needs exfoliating. 

6. Find a Makeup Routine That Stays Put

Even with the best skincare routine in the world, high heat could still impact a skin once makeup is put on it. Since the face is producing more oil and moisture, makeup products may start to rub off, run, smear or crease after they have been worn for a while. One way to address this issue is just to use a lighter hand when applying makeup. For example, a person may have fewer issues if just spot-concealing instead of applying a full layer of foundation.

Layering a primer underneath makeup can also further help makeup stay on the face. Primers made with aloe, rice starch and jojoba esters often do a great job of providing a long-lasting surface for makeup application.

7. Highlight a Sunkissed Glow 

When people take the time to switch up their routine a little, the end results may be truly impressive. The right warm-weather skincare can create glowing skin that looks fresh and hydrated. That's why it is a good idea to add a few new makeup products that show off the results. Look for bronzers with mica and sandstone to get sparkle without plastic bits of glitter. For eye shadows, there are all sorts of great cruelty-free and all-natural options with glimmering gold and bronze hues to make tans skin stand out. Soothing lip balms made with natural colorants like pomegranate and beet add a little pop of color without containing toxic chemicals.